28w t5 lumens 【20入組】東亞

是您居家照明的好夥伴,NT$2500 商品型號,光色接近自然光 使用壽命超長,配合電子式安定器使用可達20000Hr 適用室內外各式T5專用燈具(G5燈帽), NT$2228 建議售價,節能減碳的好幫手,頂級享受,還搭配日光燈款與小夜燈,增 …
PHILIPS T5 lamp 28W 2625 lumen G5 827 (64322355) | Elektramat
(箱) TOA東亞 FH28D-EX 28W 865 T5日光燈管
首頁>TOA東亞 光源燈具系列館>日光燈管系列>T5 日光燈管系列>(箱) TOA東亞 FH28D-EX 28W 865 T5 日光燈管 (箱) TOA東亞 FH28D-EX 28W 865 T5日光燈管 網路價,光色優美,
28w T5 835 Tube 16mm by 1150mm | Electricsandlighting.co.uk
Tube T5/G5 HE fluorescent 28W 6500K
Tube fluorescent T5 230V 28W 6500K 2400 lumens, classe énergétique A+, 20000h Informations complémentaires Type de source Fluorescence (tubes) Douille / Culot G5 Puissance nominale 28 W Puissance absorbée 27.9 W Matières / Coloris verre blanc
Osram FH 28W 67 HE Blue G5 – 115cm
Die Osram T5 FH 28W/67 HE High Efficiency Blue G5 zu tollen Preisen bei Leuchtmittelkaufen.ch! Schneller und zuverlässiger Versand. Genießen Sie Osram Qualität in großen Mengen mit tollen Rabatten! Kontaktieren Sie uns bei Fragen! Me
T5 - 21W i 28W Fluorescentne cijevi

Philips 28-Watt 46 in. Linear T5 ALTO Fluorescent Tube …

T5 T5 T5 Approximate Light Bulb Length 9 in. 4 ft. 12 in. 21 in. Number of Bulbs Included 1 1 1 1 Wattage (Watts) 22 28 8 13 Lumens (Brightness) 1000 2900 450 820 Light Bulb Base Code G10q G5 G5 G5 Light Bulb Base Type 4-pin T9 Bi-Pin Bi-Pin Bi-Pin
China 28w T5 Fluorescent Tube Manufacturers. Factory - Buy T5 Fluorescent Tube Quotation - SUPER ELECTRON
T5 he 28W 67 G5 1149mm Blue
Tubular fluorescent lamp 16 mm, high efficiency, colored. Ideal for cost-effective creative illumination and decoration. Uniform distribution of light over the Osram T5 he 28W 67 G5 1149mm Blue Colored bulbs 4008321161888 fh-28-67-bl | en
PHILIPS T5 lamp 28W 2625 lumen G5 830 (63946205) | Elektramat

東亞 T5型 28W 燈管 燈泡色 3000K 型號FH28L-EX/P|燈泡燈管| …

T5 燈管 – 4 呎 15% Off 15% Off 東亞 T5型 28W 燈管 燈泡色 3000K 型號FH28L-EX/P 商品編號: 016131964 加入收藏 (1) 商品售價 $199 網購價 $199 特賣價 $169 紅利金折抵 不可使用紅利金折抵
FLUORO TUBE LINEAR T5 HE 28W/865 6500K | CNW Electrical Wholesale
Philips 28W 46in T5 Warm White Fluorescent Tube
Philips brand energy saving T5 fluorescent lamp. 28 Watts and 46 inches to fit most common commercial fixture lengths. Warm white color for a more inviting atmosphere T5 technology last longer than traditional T12, with greater lumen maintenance over time.
Tube T5 PHILIPS 116cm 28W 840
T5 28w
t5 28w lumens; jiali fcl t5 28w; circular 28w t5 daylight; c660-28w; Info over t5 28w. Resultaten van 8 zoekmachines! Web resultaten; T5 28W – Reddit www.reddit.com. Reddit is een sociale nieuws website waar je zelf artikelen kan plaatsen of reageren opt5 28w.
,明亮不刺眼,Sylvania Grolux T5 F 28W/GRO 590mm 0002823 - Lumenet
【20入組】東亞 T5 28W(4尺) 日光燈管(FH28D/L-EX/P)
【20入組】東亞 T5 28W(4尺) 日光燈管(FH28D/L-EX/P) – 燈具|檯燈, 【南紡購物中心】 【20入組】東亞 T5 28W(4尺) 日光燈管(FH28D/L-EX/P) 本商品規格 商品特色 使用高純度三基色發光體,TO100009 上一筆商品 下一筆商品 品牌介紹
28W 1149MM T5 6500K HIGH EFFICENCY | BJ Lighting Supplies

28W Power Phase® 2900-Lumens 3000K Linear T5 …

Initial Lumens 2750 Lamp Designation F28T5/830 Lamp Diameter 0.625″ Lamp Life 20000 hr Lamp Shape T5 Length 46″ Material Glass / Phosphorous / Mercury Type Linear Fluorescent Lamp Wattage 28 Product Weight 3.25 UOM
28w T5 835 Tube 16mm by 1150mm | Electricsandlighting.co.uk

Linear Fluorescent T5 Longlast High Efficiency 28W 865 G5

High efficiency. High lumen output. Very long and reliable product life – up to 36,000 hours. High colour quality – CRI 85Ra. Low mercury content – 2.5mg. Reduced environmental impact (less waste) than T8 lamps. Smaller physical dimensions for improved light output control and smaller, more aesthetic fittings. Peak lumen output between 34°C – 38°C. Designed only for HF-operation – higher
Tube T5 PHILIPS 116cm 28W 840
T5 28W X 2燈62W燈具 (電子式安定器3,445 lm) 42 W 630 NTD 4,000 lm / 25W T9 38W X 2燈76W燈具 (電子式安定器4,480 lm) 51 W 765 NTD T9 38W X 2燈94W燈具 (傳統式安定器4,480 lm) 69 W 1,035 NTD 5,200 lm / 32.5W T5 28W X 3燈92W燈具 (電子式
Vibe T5 28W Warm White Tube 2700K
T5 Energy Advantage TL5
Save 3 watts by simply changing a lamp (when replacing a Standard T5 28W lamp). Save $12.00 in energy costs over the life of the lamp when compared to a Standard T5 28W (based on 40,000 hrs Rated Average Life at $.10 per start).
T5 - 21W i 28W Fluorescentne cijevi
T5 Triphosphor
Fluorescent T5 Triphosphor (HE) 4ft • 28W • 6500K • G5 FTT528SPDYLT Only available in multiples of Fluorescent T5 Triphosphor (HE) 5ft • 35W • 3500K • G5 FTT535SPW Only available in multiples of
Jual BOHLAM T5 PHILIPS 28W/830 - Gudang Listrik

Havells 28W T5 Tube Light – Electrickharido

Havells 28W T5 Tube Light 177.00 148.00 Havells 28W T5 Tube Light quantity Add to cart SKU: 168 Category: LIGHT FITTINGS Description Reviews (0) Description Base: B22, Color Temperature: 6500K, Lumens: 1900lm
LED Direct Replacement T5 Lamp - 28W - 5000K
LED Direct Replacement T5 Lamp
28W-LIN-LED-T5-5K Shipping/Return Policy Specifications Wattage 27 Watt Voltage 120 – 480V Type A Direct Fit Lumens 3800 Color temperature 5000K Lumens Per Watt 140 lm/W Width 45.7″ Length.61″ LED Life 50,000 hours Ideal tubes for replacing any
Tubo neon Osram T5 HE luce fredda 865 28W | Lumenstore.it
T5居家日光吸頂燈組 (1組) 想要更換更節能省電的照明燈飾嗎?快揪朋友一起團購這款【T5居家日光吸頂燈組】,超值價格,光線柔和


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