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Ship List
1 Ships Organized by Class and Rarity 2 Full List 3 Prototype Ships 4 META Ships 5 Collaboration Ship List 5.1 Visitors from Another Dimension 5.2 Kizuna AI Collaboration 5.3 Hololive Collaboration 5.4 Venus Vacation Collaboration
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Siren (Azur Lane)
Siren is an antagonist in the yuri series Azur Lane. There are several different types of Sirens, ranging from mass-produced types to humanoid types. Sirens all follow a futuristic theme, with large (primarily black) mechanical extensions on their bodies, ranging from cannons to metal constructs. Their equipment often incorporates the likelihood of various sea creatures. In the Ashen
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Aoba (Azur Lane)
Aoba is a character in the series Azur Lane. A heavy cruiser of the Sakura Empire. One of her quotes: “Commander ignores beautiful young girl right in front of his eyes – he must be attracted by big muscular men”. She can confess her love to the player
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Takao (Azur Lane)
Takao is a character in the series Azur Lane. The reliable and serious first ship of the Takao-class heavy cruisers. Panicked when Atago teased her sexually on the warship. Lately in the game she can’t calm herself during practice, her heart and sword are engulfed in chaos whenever she think of the Commander/Player regardless of their gender. Add a photo to this gallery
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Maya (Azur Lane)
Maya is a character in the series Azur Lane. Third ship of the Takao-class from the Sakura Empire. She have a twin little sister. She’s serious, capable and cautious. One of her quotes: “When around sister Yamato…there’s always this indescribable feeling of
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Azur Lane Kaga Japanese Ship Lines (English Subtitles) In game Kaga has short white hair. Her appearance has the image of a Nine tailed Fox. She wears a short dress and a Miko’s Kimono with blue and white. On her right is Kaga’s flight deck. Information on
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Azur Lane Live2D Viewer

Azur Lane © is owned by Shanghai Manjuu, Xiamen Yongshi, Shanghai Yostar | All logos and trademarks are property of their respective owners. /alg/ wiki © 2019. This
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Azur Lane
Azur Lane is a formerly rollable series in Mudae.It is based off of the shoot ’em up game of the same name and contains characters in Mudae that originate from that mobile game. Azur Lane is a Chinese mobile gacha game developed by Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi and published by Bilibili, Shanghai Yostar, XD Global, and PWB Play in various countries.
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Azur Lane
Azur Lane (碧藍航線 in lingua cinese) è un videogioco sparatutto a scorrimento laterale creato dagli sviluppatori cinesi Shanghai Manjuu e Xiamen Yongshi, rilasciato nel 2017 per i sistemi operativi iOS e Android.Ambientato in una sequenza temporale alternativa della Seconda guerra mondiale, i giocatori si cimenteranno in uno sparatutto a scorrimento laterale, usando personaggi femminili
Modalità di gioco ·
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Z23 – Azur Lane Wiki
Anime Body Drawing.. Article from Z23 August 2020 Iron Blood Destroyer (236) Article by Tan Long 16 Art Girl Anime Scenery Pics Friedrich Der Große Demon Wolf Anime Art Beautiful Scary Wallpaper Art Anime More information
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Azur Lane the Animation
Azur Lane the Anime shows accurate portrayals of the girls just like in the game, minus some shortcuts in animation. Outside of the anime’s main cast of ship girls, portrayals of the 400+ other ship girls are one dimensional archetypes shown for a split second or a one-liner in dialogue.
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Booster Pack Azur Lane
“Booster Pack Azur Lane” is a Booster Pack released for the “Azur Lane” series. 1 Contents 2 Commercial 3 Card List 4 Product Page Includes 100 cards (8 RRR, 16 RR, 32 R, 32 C, 4 ReR, 8 ReC) + 110 Parallel cards (10 PP, 10 SP, 2
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Azur Lane
Azur Laneis the worldwide military organization created by humanity in response to the threats known as The Sirens. They are a united force made up of all the nations and factions of earth, with notable groups including The Eagle Union, The Royal Navy, The Ironblood and The Sakura Empire. Azur Lane seeks to protect the planet from existential threats through gathering resources to share across
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Azur Lane
Zerochan has 37,207 Azur Lane anime images, wallpapers, HD wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, screenshots, facebook covers, and many more in its gallery.
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Azur Lane
Of the 108842 characters on Anime Characters Database, 439 are from the video game Azur Lane. Please know that cookies are required to operate and enhance our services as well as for advertising purposes.We value your privacy. If you are not comfortable with
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User blog:SuperBearNeo X/Azur Lane: Abstract Shipgirls
Hello there, so I’m getting back into Azur Lane and I wanna do a few blogs for the verse. One thing I’ve always wanted to touch upon was the abstract nature of Ships within Azur Lane. This wiki already accepts ships being conceptual beings, so I figured I might make a blog that explains it better and also compiles all evidence.


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