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波音 777-300ER 座位圖
波音 777-300ER (77W) 座位圖 在本頁面,是目前全球最大的雙引擎寬體客機,三級艙布置的載客量由283人至368人,您將會找到有關波音 777-300ER (77W) 客機的座位圖資訊。有關座位的詳情,61 % Nachlass auf Listenpreis der Boeing 777-300ER -
Boeing 777-300ER
The Boeing 777-300ER is the fourth modification of the Boeing 777 family, launched on June 26, 1995. This aircraft is a high-performance version of the -200 models, stretched over 33 feet. Designed to replace the early 747’s, the 777-300 has almost the same passenger capacity and range …
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BOEING 777-300ER
BOEING 777-300ER Description The 777-300ER (“ER” for Extended Range) is the B-market version of the 777-300.It features raked and extended wingtips, a new main landing gear, reinforced nose gear, and extra fuel tanks. The -300ER also has a strengthened
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Boeing 777-300
The Boeing 777-300 is development of the baseline Boeing 777-200. The fuselage is stretched by 10,2 meters (33ft 6in). Available engine options for the Boeing 777-300 are Pratt & Whitney PW4090 & PW4098, Rolls-Royce Trent 892 and General Electric GE90-115B (-300ER).
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During the 777-300ER’s 1,500-hour flight test program, the airplane exceeded its original design performance targets. As a result, the new jetliner provides increased payload and range capability over those promised to customers at the time of the airplane sale.
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Boeing 777
Boeing 777-300ER Range 14,690 km Length 73.9 m Tail Height 18.5m Wingspan 64.8 m Cabin Width 5.87 m Typical Cruise Speed 905 km/h Maximum Cruise Speed 950 km/h Max. Fuel Capacity 181,283 litres Empty Operating Weight 167,800 kg Max. Take
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Air Canada Fleet Boeing 777-300ER Details and Pictures

 · The Boeing 777-300ER (77W) is a long-range, high capacity airliner which features Air Canada’s new interior. On their current fleet, Air Canada operated 2 types of 777 family, its B777-300ER and B777-200LR. Boeing 777-300ER was created to replace out-dated
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Airbus A380-800 vs. Boeing 777-300ER

Airbus A380-800 versus Boeing 777-300ER 73.00 m 239 ft 6 in length 73.90 m 242 ft 5 in 79.80 m 261 ft 10 in wingspan 64.80 m 212 ft 7 in 845.00 m 2 9,096 ft 2 wingarea 452.00 m 2 4,865 ft 2 24.10 m 79 ft 1 in height 18.60 m 61 ft 4 engines 2 334 kN 75,152 lb f
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波音777(英語,航程由5千海里至9千海里(9千公里至17千公里)。波音777采用圓形機身設計,起落架共有14個輪胎,Boeing 777)是一款由美國波音公司制造的中遠程雙引擎寬體客機,請前往機上服務頁面 並選擇艙等和客機類型。 預訂座位 立即預訂 Select 264 個座位 250 …
Boeing 777
Boeing 777-300ER (Extended Range) adalah seri jarak jauh Boeing 777-300, dan masuk masa pelayanan pada tahun 2004, dikirim pertama kali untuk Air France. Boeing 777-200LR memasuki masa layanan tahun 2006, dan pelanggan pertama 777-200LR adalah Pakistan International Airlines .
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Seat Map of Boeing 777-300ER
Seat map and information about the Boeing 777-300ER. There are 8 First Class, 68 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy, and 112 Economy Class seats. Seat rows are numbered from 1 to 42. Emergency exits are located on both sides at the front of the cabin
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Boeing 777-300
The range, carrying 365 passengers, is increased up to 13,427km (7,250nm). Roll-out of the first 777-300ER was made on November 14 2002, followed by the first flight on February 24 2003. First delivery, to Air France, is scheduled for March 2004.
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Boeing 777
El 777-300ER (“Extended Range”) o (alcance extendido) es la segunda versión con mayor alcance de la línea B777 después del B777-200LR, y contiene muchas modificaciones sobre la base del -300 incluyendo los reactores GE90-115B que son los de la f
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Boeing: 787 Dreamliner

 · Range 7,530 nmi (13,950 km) Length 63 m (206 ft) Height 17 m (56 ft) Engine GEnx-1B / Trent 1000 Fuel Efficiency Around 20% better fuel per seat and emissions than the airplanes it will replace. 787-10 Dreamliner 787-10 Dreamliner Profitability in core Range
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Boeing 777 for Lease or Sale
777-200 777-300 for Lease ACMI Sale aircraft engines for Lease ACMI Sale It is strictly prohibited to contact listing companies, unless you are a Buyer, Lessee or Mandated agent
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Boeing 777-200LR, World’s Longest-Range Airplane, …

 · Both the 777-200LR and 777-300ER (Extended Range) were launched in February 2002 by Boeing and GE Aircraft Engines at the request of airlines that wanted an airplane with additional flexibility to serve the nonstop routes passengers demand.
Air China Fleet Boeing 777-300ER Details and Pictures
Boeing 777-300
Varianten der Boeing 777-300 Bei der Version Boeing 777-300ER (Extended Range) handelt es sich um eine Variante mit vergrößerten Tragflächen und zusätzlichen Treibstofftanks, die der Maschine


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