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What was the North East voting turnout in the EU referendum? - Chronicle Live
EU referendum results by region: Wales
EU referendum Results and turnout at the EU referendum First published: 5 September 2019 Last updated: 25 September 2019 Overview Remain Leave 772,347 854,572 Electorate: 2,270,272 Turnout: 71.7% Valid votes: 1,626,919 Verified ballot papers: 1,628,075
EU referendum turnout warning from Electoral Reform Society after poll shows only 16% feel well informed ahead of vote

Analysis: the impact of turnout on the EU Referendum …

Even so, the data can be used to provide insight on how the two sides of the referendum debate fare as turnout changes. Plotting the relative levels of support for leave and remain as turnout moves from the minimum (just respondents who gave a score of 10 out of 10) to the maximum level (all respondents) shows the changing fortunes for both sides as turnout increases.
EU referendum result: South Staffordshire votes LEAVE with record turnout | Express & Star

EU Parliament: voter turnout in the European elections …

Scottish independence referendum: voter turnout rate 2014, by area Voter turnout for presidential elections in Ukraine 1991-2019 Voter turnout in the European elections in France 1979-2019
How turnout. majority size. and outcome affect whether citizens think the result of an EU referendum should be implemented : Democratic Audit

How turnout, majority size, and outcome affect whether …

There is an ongoing debate in the UK over whether holding another referendum on EU membership would be democratic or not. Drawing on a new study, Sveinung Arnesen explains that while in general most citizens believe governments should follow the results of referendums on EU membership, this depends heavily upon the level of turnout, the size of the majority, and the outcome of the specific
Scotland referendum turnout highest since universal suffrage introduced

EU referendum full results – find out how your area …

 · Britain has voted to leave the European Union, by 52% to 48%, but Scotland, London and Northern Ireland all had a majority for remain. Find out how each local authority voted
EU referendum: youth turnout almost twice as high as first thought | Politics | The Guardian

European Parliament Elections: Low Voter Turnout

European Parliament elections, which ended June 13 after four days of voting, were marked by record-low voter turnout and losses among the ruling parties. These signal disinterest across Europe in EU government activities — and threaten referendums on the EU
What could have tipped the EU referendum result in favour of Remain
Analysis of the EU Referendum results 2016
This House of Commons Library Briefing Paper analyses the results of the referendum on EU membership held on 23 June 2016. The highest vote share for Leave (76%) was recorded in Boston (Lincolnshire). The highest vote share for Remain (96%) was recorded in
The EU referendum turnout was remarkably high | British GQ
AV voting referendum: A question of turnout
Why turnout at the alternative vote referendum has become a political issue. More than 40 Conservative MPs objected to the polling date, arguing that it could lead to a distorted
EU referendum results: Windsor and Maidenhead vote remain but Slough votes for Brexit - Photo 1 of 80 - Maidenhead Advertiser

Catalan referendum: Catalonia has ‘won right to …

turnout and voting figures should be taken with a pinch of salt, says the BBC’s Tom Burridge in Barcelona. What There has not been a referendum on self-determination in Catalonia ,” Mr Rajoy
Decoded: How will Britain's EU referendum vote count work on the night?

European election: Belgium’s voter turnout rate is an …

That’s pretty remarkable, given that average voter turnout for European elections reached an all-time low of 43% in 2014, down from a high of 63% in 1979. For comparison, 61% of eligible voters
European Election turnout highest in last 20 years
What High or Low Voter Turnout Could Mean
The key to winning any vote is getting supporters to cast their ballots, but in Thursday’s referendum, turnout has assumed special significance. Those who want to quit the European Union are
EU Referendum: What was the voting turnout across Birmingham and West Midlands? - Birmingham Live
• Voter turnout in the UK 1918-2019
EU Parliament: voter turnout in the European elections in the UK & EU 1979-2019 Scottish independence referendum: voter turnout rate 2014, by area Distribution of General Election votes in …
High Referendum Turnout Proves Solid Basis of Italy's Democracy - President - Sputnik International

General election turnout: how much of the UK voted in …

The highest European figure is recorded in Malta at 92.1%, while the lowest is in Romania at just 37.8 per cent. Tony Blair won the 2001 general election on the lowest turnout of the past century
There are more than 100 petitions about the EU referendum on the UK government website - Europe Street News
Neglected issues in the EU Referendum Bill
For the European referendum, a turnout threshold of 50 percent of the electorate would require approval by at least a bit more than one-quarter of the electorate. Any turnout threshold would encourage campaigners on both sides to make strong efforts to get people to vote.
EU referendum: push to improve voting turnout for psychiatric inpatients | Politics | The Guardian

EU referendum night drama points to clear political …

 · European Union referendum results – live coverage EU referendum results – live tracker Peter Walker, Ben Quinn and Hannah Ellis-Petersen Thu 23 …
Did the EU Referendum Bring a Different Kind of Voter to the Polls? – What UK Thinks: EU
EU Referendum: NI Remain vote declared
EU Referendum: NI Remain vote declared Close Northern Ireland votes to remain in the European Union following the EU referendum. The turnout in Northern Ireland …
Turnout in the referendum should reach 30% - Association referendum: Turnout expected to increase by the end of work day -
• EU: election turnout 1979-2019
Voter turnout in the European elections in France 1979-2019 Scottish independence referendum: voter turnout rate 2014, by area Voter turnout for presidential elections in Ukraine 1991-2019


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