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What Your GMAT Score Means

Expert Guide to GMAT Percentiles & What Your Score …

GMAT Percentile Chart: Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) Section Finally, your essay will be graded between 0 and 6. You’ll see this score when you get your official GMAT score report, about 20 …
What Your GMAT Score Means

Average gmat score for non-US mba programs

(a 36 in the Verbal section is 77 percentile and a 46 in the math is 75 percentile. That means your total score should be above a 660). The statistics were as follows for last year’s class Median GMAT score: 710 Middle 80% range GMAT score From: 670 to:
What Your GMAT Score Means
670-750 3.4-3.6 Middle 80% GMAT range MIT Sloan 730 727 3.6 IESE 681 Hong Kong UST Business School 660 Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad 725 3.4-3.6 Middle 80% GMAT range IMD 680 University of California at Berkeley Haas 725 3.67 3.1-3
What Your GMAT Score Means

GMAT Score 670

Hi, My GMAT score is 670 (V32/Q49). Greatly disappointed as I was scoring consistently 700+ in the practice tests. I currently have 3+ work-exp in IT and am planning to join
What Your GMAT Score Means

GMAT scores percentile distribution in MBA admissions

 · (Remember that percentile indicates how many results were worse than yours were, so 90 th percentile means that your score was better than that of 90 percent of applicants.) Read GMAT Percentiles for Quantitative, Verbal, IR and AWA scores and GMAT Scaled Score Table – GMAT …
What Your GMAT Score Means

GMAT Scores for Top Business Schools – Check here

 · 670 5 45% 198,000 RMB 40 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) 700 6 40% S$62,000 Europe GMAT: 690, GRE:65th+ percentile 6 €66,000 17 Copenhagen Business School GMAT: 645, GRE:320 6 40% DKK 330,000 24 The University
What Your GMAT Score Means
How is the GMAT Exam Scored?
Total GMAT scores range from 200 to 800; two-thirds of test takers score between 400 and 600. Verbal and Quantitative scores range from 0 to 60; scores below 6 and above 51 are rare. Verbal and Quantitative scores are on a fixed scale and can be compared across all GMAT test administrations, but because they measure different constructs, they cannot be compared to each other.
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GMAT® scoring system
Please note: The ‘%’ actually represents percentile which can be interpreted as the percentage of GMAT ® test takers who score less than you in that particular section. So, a 98%ile on Verbal implies that the candidate has actually scored better than 98% of the GMAT ® test takers.
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GMAT Score Breakdown

There are three sections to the GMAT (see GMAT Format). For each section, you receive a sub-score (e.g., you may score a 4 on the AWA , 37 on the verbal section, and 40 on the quantitative section). The combination of your quantitative and verbal scores determines your scaled score, which is given on a scale of 200-800 and is not influenced by the AWA score .
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How I got a 770 on the GMAT . . . …

I scored 760 and 6.0. 99th verbal but only 89th percentile for quant. And I am non-native English speaker. Used only the Manhattan GMAT program (read everything twice) but never studied the logical reasoning for verbal, since I felt it came easy. Used the official prep tests to diagnose myself in the middle of my training schedule and at the end, since they are identical to real tests.
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How hard is it to get 650 on GMAT?
 · How hard is the GMAT? GMAT Score Percentile 750 98% 700 88% 650 75% 600 57% A perfect score on the GMAT is very rare. Only about 30 people per year—out of 200,000 test-takers from over 100 countries—get an 800 on the GMAT.
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Total GMAT Score & Percentile 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 220 270 290 310 330 350 370 390 410 430 450 470 490 510 530 550 570 590 610 630 650 670 690 710 730 760 Percentile GMAT Score Total GMAT Score Total Score 760 740 730 720 710 700 690

GMAT score below 680? Here’s a list of 15 top B-Schools …

If you’ve taken the test and gotten a GMAT score below 680, then worry not. 650 – 680 stands between the 70th to 85th percentile, and you’ve made a good attempt. Now, you have two options. Either you retake the GMAT to improve your score, or you apply to

SAT to GMAT Score Correlation
 · So I don’t think that 99 percentile SAT can translate into a 99 percentile gmat score (760). Based on these figures, what would you peg my GMAT at? A) 610 – 640 B) 640 – 670 C) 670 – 700 D) 700+ (would have a heart attack if achieved) Last question: What if I

 · Poets&Quants compiles the GMAT score ranges at the top 25 business schools and finds that most schools no longer report the full range of scores Full access to in-depth articles and commentary about current MBA issues and the world’s leading business

What is the GMAT equivalent to 80 percentile in CAT?
Well 80%tile in cat is not considered par score means you hv atleast 90+ then u hv any fair chances of applying to even tier-2 or 3 colleges. The same is true with GMAT 600+. Hence i can say cat 90+ = GMAT 600+. And cat 80 is anywhere b/w 500 to 5

What Your GMAT Score Means – Prepwise

My rule of thumb for GMAT test takers applying to top 5 programs is to aim for a quantitative score 48+. This satisfies the approximate 80th percentile most state as recommended on their application websites. If your quant score is 48+, your total GMAT (670


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