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 · Personal qualities are the characteristics, attributes or personality traits of an individual. Examples of personal attributes include being honest, having a good sense of humour or being dependable. Personal skills refer to the inner abilities or skills of an …
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25 Qualities Of A Good Student
25 Qualities Of A Good Student Punctual A good student is not tardy. Yes, punctuality is hard to maintain, but if you are determined to get the most of your studies, then you will strive to come to school early. This will not only save you from a bad impression
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14 Important Qualities of a Good Woman
The qualities of a good woman are quite the same as the qualities of a good person. However, unlike men, women usually need to take serious decisions that can actually alter their lives. A common decision is about choosing to be a mother or a career-oriented
What are good qualities in a person.
Good Qualities in a Parent
Ten Important Qualities for Parents to Have Parenting is a journey that takes plenty of patience and understanding, and there’s no perfect recipe for what makes a good parent. While some parents follow textbook parenting techniques, others rely on their own
14 Qualities of a Good Student | The Prudent Professor

18 Qualities of a Good Woman Every Good Man Should …

18 qualities of a good woman to signal she is the one for you Being a good woman isn’t about always putting others above yourself or giving in. It is in the moral compass that you have, the empathy you display, and the way you love.
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10 Qualities or Traits of a Good Family

In this article, we are going to consider 10 qualities and traits of a good family, these qualities can act as a guide or map. These qualities, if considered deeply, will reflect the traits and qualities of a responsible member of the society as these traits and qualities serve the society positively.
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25 Qualities Of A Good Friend: People You Can Really …

A really good friend – one you hold dear to your heart – brings these fantastic qualities into your life. Look for these in your friends. 2. They’re Honest Another of the main qualities of a good friend is that they will let you know when they’re hurt by you, confused by
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Qualities Of A Good Parent: Watch Out For These 21 …

21 Qualities of a Good Parent: How to be the Best Parent Your Child Can Get Having these qualities doesn’t make you a saint; it just means that you are giving your all towards becoming the best parent for your child. So, here are the virtues you need to succeed at
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16 good qualities of Lord Rama that Everybody should …

Here are 16 good qualities of Lord Rama that everybody should learn: He never spoke lies. He never spoke the foul language. He will not expect the other person to speak first. He himself will smile and start the relationship. He never played games that involved
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23 Qualities of a Good Father
How the qualities of a good father have changed For previous generations, fathers were the breadwinner for the family, the disciplinarian, and often played the role of the strong, silent type. The qualities of a good father have morphed, however, into dads needing to
12 Leadership Qualities: A List of Skills to Make a Good Leader
14 Qualities of a Good Boyfriend
 · He must exhibit qualities that truly embody the goodness of his person. Here are 14 of the indispensable qualities of a good boyfriend: 1. Expressiveness A good boyfriend is neither an impassive machine nor an immovable mountain. He is a person who feels all
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13 Qualities All Good Babysitters Share (Do You Have …

 · Babysitter with good qualities 13 Qualities All Good Babysitters Share (Do You Have What It Takes?) Written & Illustrated by Matthew Taylor Reviewed & Edited by Renee Irving Lee, B.Ed. Updated 12 August 2020 First Published 28 July 2019 Are you looking to
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11 Qualities of a Good Employee (Professional Attributes …

11 qualities of a good employee (Professional Attributes) 1.Reliability You need to be able to depend on your employees to do a good job every single day. When an employee proves themselves to be reliable, you know that you can trust them to do their work well
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31 Qualities Of A Good Man (To Marry?)
Good qualities in a man change as time goes on – both from what the man himself is like but also what society demands of him. For example, at the moment, people are more likely to value being a good father than they would have done just 20 to 30 years ago.
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Top Ten Qualities of a Good Manager
A good manager is your classic communication expert. Promoting a work environment where everyone feels valued and heard takes excellent communication skills and practice. Frequent and effective communication through multiple channels (in-person, email, phone, even voice-over IP) strengthens your ties with your employees to encourage trust and limit conflict.
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23 Qualities of A Good Student
Qualities of A Good Student 01. Discipline The first quality of a good student is discipline. This means a student who aspires to be excellent must adhere to his/her study timetable strictly and obey the instructions of coaches, teachers, and parents every day.
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10 Qualities of a Good Person – Adv4life

The qualities that make a good person obviously translate into many areas of your life. Possessing these qualities will help you to be a better friend, partner, student and employee. Later in life, these qualities will serve you well as a partner and as parent, or even as a boss.


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