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Mad Jim Jaspers VS. Franklin Richards & Galactus
Mad Jim Jaspers VS. Franklin Richards & his herald Galactus More powerful 616 version of Mad Jim Jaspers; isn’t merged with the Fury Adult Franklin Richards Galactus has consumed six planets with the same size and population as Earth in rapid succession, and is Franklin’s herald 3 hours
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Mad Jim Jaspers is a British reality-warping mutant from Earth-238 who made his first appearance in Alan Moore and Alan Davis’ Daredevils #9, a British Marvel anthology that included Captain Britain’s adventures.Mad Jim, who is more powerful than even Franklin Richards, wanted to be the sole superhuman in his universe, and Captain Britain met an alternate version of the character who was a
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5 God-like X-Men Characters New Fans Won’t Know

 · Sir James Jaspers, or Mad Jim Jaspers, created by Dave Thorpe, and Alan Davis in 1981 in Marvel Superheroes #377, is a member of the Excalibur rogues gallery.Jim Jaspers has the ability to bend reality to his will. Not on the same level as Franklin Richards, the
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Mr. Mxysptlk wins, Mad Jim Jasper can be beaten by taking him to a place nothing exist rendering him powerless, Honestly Franklin Richards adult self would be a better opponent as he is far more powerful than Mad Jim Jasper.
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Who can defeat Franklin Richards?
Rune King Thor This incarnation of Thor is more powerful than Those Who Sit Above In Shadow, gods to the gods and possible Beyonders, and defeated them. He destroyed Yggdrasil, which holds infinite complex and fully formed universes, as well as ex
Could One-Punch Man kill Franklin Richards?
Saitama couldn’t even hurt Franklin. As far as I am aware, Franklin is a powerful reality warper, able to distort the fundamental aspects of reality and even create them – putting him on par with if not slightly above Mad Jim Jaspers who can only
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Marvel Reality Warpers Vs anyone
7. Adult Franklin Richards 8. Mad Jim Jaspers 9. White Phoenix of the Crown Jean Grey (Reality Warpers Have Hive mind together) Vs Round 1. X2 Thanos X2 Darkseid Each with their own infinity gauntlet. Round 2. Mxyl Trigon Dormammu Mephisto Round 3.
Mephisto. The Goblin Force. Dark Pheonix. and Agomotto vs Adult Franklin Richards. Odin. Mad Jim Jaspers and Arishem - Battles - Comic Vine
Reality warper battle royale (Description)
 · Haruka Kaminogi vs Mr Mxyzptlk vs Franklin Richards vs Mad Jim Jaspers (Earth-616) vs Alien X vs Marquis of death vs Emperor Joker vs I don’t have enough knowledge on all of these characters to comment on the outcome, but Alien X dies almost immediately
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 · By most powerful mutant I mean the power they are shown to be capable of or their potential. I think that Mad Jim Jaspers is the most powerful mutant in marvel. If he wasn’t defeated then his power would have been able to affect the entire omniverse. Your opinions?
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Without question: Franklin Richards! Those color spheres in that bubble,are universes!!! When he was even younger, he created a small universe! That’s him as an adult, creating a new universe in the future, AND at his side, the most feared being i
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Franklin was particularly close to the young Kofi Whitemane, who declared Franklin an honorary cousin in much the same way as the children of Power Pack had been adopted as honorary Whitemanes. This would mean that the Mad Celestials could also put up a very good fight against God Doom, albeit would lose, but not in a curbstomp .
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Reality Warping
Many characters, such as Mad Jim Jaspers and Franklin Richards from Marvel Comics Many characters and technologies from Doctor Who Many characters from Tenchi Muyo! Many Pokemon, mostly Psychic and legendaries have low level reality warping
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10 Mad Jim Jaspers 11 Summary 12 Powers and Stats 13 Others 14 Franklin Richards 15 Summary 16 Powers and Stats 17 Others 18 Descriptive Reasoning for Fallen Stars Key: How far Into “Outerverse Level” are they ? 18.1 Cosmology 18.2 18.3
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Some can only manipulate reality like Mad Jim Jaspers, altering reality beyond a single universe. Yet when he is taken to un-space there is no material for him to mold. Others like Jenny Quantum or Franklin Richards can not only manipulate but create.
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Fury (Earth-238)
1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Powers 2.2 Strength level 3 Notes 4 Links and References 4.1 Discover and Discuss 4.2 Footnotes The Fury is a deadly “cybiote” (presumably an android or cyborg) built by the reality-manipulating psychic, Mad Jim Jaspers of the parallel timeline of Earth-238, to destroy all superhumans but himself. It is physically powerful, capable of generating lethal
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Mad Jim Jaspers Battles –

Take Our Poll Suggested by iKnowledge Mad Jim Jaspers is really good at reality warping but it’s not what really makes him a true threat here. What makes the guy so dangerous is
Marvel's reality warpers vs DC's reality warpers (4v4) - Battles - Comic Vine
Reality Warping
1 Summary 2 Possible Uses 3 Types 4 Users Reality Warping (sometimes called Reality Alteration or Reality Manipulation) is a term used to describe the ability to manipulate reality itself. The ability to change reality into how the person in question sees fit, while ignoring the rules of science. Users can alter any item already considered real. Any decision made in the past, any item ever


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