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The origin of the pseudogap in α-Ga.

 · Whereas free-electron-like properties are revealed over a large energy range, a deep pseudogap at the Fermi level is characteristic of α-Ga. We explain the origin of the pseudogap in terms of a delicate interplay between the electronic states and the specific Brillouin zone geometry.
PPT - BCS - BEC Crossover: Pseudogap. Vortices & Critical Current PowerPoint Presentation - ID:4740882

The pseudogap in high-temperature superconductors: an …

The pseudogap is seen in all high-temperature superconductors and there is general agreement on the temperature and doping range where it exists. It is also becoming clear that the superconducting gap emerges from the normal state pseudogap. The d-wave
Pseudogap from ARPES experiment: Three gaps in cuprates and topological superconductivity (Review Article): Low Temperature Physics: Vol 41. No 5

Single-particle pseudogap in two-dimensional electron …

We investigate pseudogap phenomena in the 2D electron system. Based on the mode-mode coupling theory of antiferromagnetic (AFM) and d x2-y2-wave superconducting (dSC) fluctuations, single-particle dynamics is analyzed.For the parameter values of
Pseudo first order (A). pseudo second order (B) and intra particle... | Download Scientific Diagram

Pseudogap formation and quantum phase transition in strongly …

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Condensed concepts: The challenge of the pseudogap in organic charge transfer salts

Pseudogap phase of cuprate superconductors confined by Fermi …

 · PDF 檔案condition for pseudogap formation, imposed by details of the Fermi surface, is a strong constraint for theories of the pseudogap phase. Our finding that p* can be tuned with a modest pressure opens a new route for experimental studies of the pseudogap. DOI: 10
Physics - Viewpoint: Proximity to understanding the cuprates
In underdoped compounds low-energy B1g spectral weight is depleted in association with the opening of a pseudogap on regions of the Fermi surface located near (±p, 0) and (0, ±p).The magnitude of the depletion increases with decreasing doping, and in the most underdoped samples, with decreasing temperature.The spectral weight that is lost at low energies (w 800 cm–1) is transferred to the
Pseudogap from ARPES experiment: Three gaps in cuprates and topological superconductivity (Review Article): Low Temperature Physics: Vol 41. No 5

The pseudogap phase of the cuprate superconductors …

按一下以檢視58:01 · Discussion Meeting: Quantum entanglement in macroscopic matterURL: Monday 12 Jan, 2015 – Friday 16 J
作者: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences
Pseudogap from ARPES experiment: Three gaps in cuprates and topological superconductivity (Review Article): Low Temperature Physics: Vol 41. No 5
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pseudogap in a sentence
A pseudogap can be seen with several different experimental methods.Recently a pseudogap state has also been reported in strongly disordered conventional superconductors such as NbN, or granular Aluminum.In the pseudogap phase these arcs gradually disappear as the temperature is lowered until only four points on the diagonals of the Brillouin zone remain ungapped.
(PDF) Evolution of the pseudogap from Fermi arcs to the nodal liquid


研究著作 : Papers and articles Y.-W. Hsueh, B. Statt, M. Reedyk, J. S. Xue, and J. E. Greedan,Cu NMR Study of the Pseudogap in Pb2Sr2(Y,Ca)Cu3O8+d, Chin. J. Phys
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(PDF) Pseudogap Formation in the Intermetallic Compounds (Fe1 - xVx)Al

Fermi Surface and Pseudogap Evolution in a Cuprate …

The superconducting transition temperature Tc of copper oxides has a dome-shaped dependence on chemical doping. Whether there is a quantum critical point (QCP) beneath the dome, and whether it is related to the enigmatic pseudogap, has been heavily debated. Two papers address this question in two different families of Bi-based cuprates. In (Bi,Pb)2(Sr,La)2CuO6+δ, He et al. (p. [608][1]) found
Spectroscopic Evidence for the Phase Competition between the Pseudogap and High-Tc Superconductivity | Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource


We have studied the pseudogap seen in cuprates and organic systems [κ-(BEDT-TTF)2 X], using the dynamical cluster approximation (DCA). In this approach a cluster with Nc atoms is embedded in a self-consistent bath. The smallest cluster showing a pseudogap
Localization effects and pseudogap state in YBa2Cu3O7−δ single crystals with different oxygen content: Low Temperature Physics: Vol 32. No 6

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題名: Evolution of the pseudogap in Sr(1-x)Y(x)Al(2)Si(2) (x=0, 0.05, 0.1, and 0.15) probed via (27)Al nuclear magnetic resonance 作者: Fang, C. P. Lue, C. S. Young, Ben-Li 貢獻者: Department of Physics 日期: 2011-03-28 上傳時間: 2012-12-04 13:35:34 (UTC+8)
(PDF) Evidence for a Vestigial Nematic State in the Cuprate Pseudogap Phase
APS -APS March Meeting 2021
The nature of the pseudogap phase of cuprates remains a major puzzle. In the cuprate Nd-LSCO, a large negative thermal Hall conductivity κ xy was seen to appear when the doping p is lowered below the critical doping of the pseudogap phase p* [1]. Its origin is
(Color online) Pseudogap for different values of ω ph for 5% hole and e... | Download Scientific Diagram

A precursor superconductivity approach to magnetic field effects in the pseudogap …

A precursor superconductivity approach to magnetic field effects in the pseudogap phase-dc.type journal article en dc.identifier.doi 10.1016/s0921-4526(01)01065-1-dc.relation.pages 42-43-dc.relation.journalvolume 312-item.fulltext no fulltext-item.openairecristype
Condensed concepts: First-order transition into the pseudogap state

Pseudogap from ARPES experiment: Three gaps in …

 · A term first coined by Mott back in 1968 a “pseudogap” is the depletion of the electronic density of states at the Fermi level, and pseudogaps have been observed in many systems. However, since the discovery of the high-temperature superconductors (HTSC) in 1986, the central role attributed to the pseudogap in these systems has meant that by many researchers now associate the term


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