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alpha sigma tau

welcome to our blog for the delta phi chapter of alpha sigma tau sorority at new york university!
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N.A(えぬえー) illust / design 連絡先:【[email protected]】 ※現在多忙のためご依頼は承っておりません。 連絡先:【[email protected]】 ※現在多忙のためご依頼は承っておりませ
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i-heart-pudding: Long Swim Shorts by @lazyeyelids in Sorbets Remix BGC For teen-elder masculine sims 76 solids from the Sorbets Remix palette + 19 gradients from the
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Verizon Media看見數位行銷力

「Yahoo看見數位行銷力」 – 這裡有最新的數位行銷趨勢, 行銷人,rope on Tumblr

Tumblr Staff

Hello Tumblr, it’s Tuesday. We interrupt our regular broadcast to review all the 퓯퓮퓮퓵퓲퓷퓰퓼 you’ve been having about the misfortune of a 20,124 TEU capacity cargo ship…yep, yeah, it’s all Suez-related. All of it. It’s been almost a week since we all became
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I love to colorize b/w images 🙂 The black and white images used for colorization are found from different sources all over the Internet, and are assumed to be in public domain and
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Belgian Chocolate Orange Slices Original mesh by Skeamor > Download on my Patreon Here
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Black Contemporary Art

this tumblr claims no rights to any of these images. if you’d like to have your work removed or amended please contact us. • BLACK LIVES MATTER • sample submission • art blogs* and tumblrs • black artists on tumblr • facebook | twitter • press • events •
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illustration & music creator. this site is portfolio of my works, and using for my activity hub. Fan Art Nausicaä : Original auther is Hayao Miyazaki, Tokuma-Syoten Japan.
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Girl 0n fire

codingcabin: Because the theme-making community deserves to come together and build a strong network of cooperation and mutual help, and to fight the lack of active networks that focus on the amazingly talented designers across Tumblr, @baechys , @themehive, and @grangersdesigns took things into their own hands and created CodingCabin, a Discord server made by theme-makers, for …
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JUN CHIU Illustration

看到了嗎?這就是應用程式的完美應用。 聽來不錯 什麼,在你過世後成為你的棺材
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tumblr_o5ff9oKqO61tneiqto2_400 (78.media.tumblr.com) submitted 1 month ago by dabiggaythrowaway to u/dabiggaythrowaway comment share save hide report 12 0 1 2 tumblr_o5ff9oKqO61tneiqto1_400 (78.media.tumblr.com) submitted 1 month ago by to
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 · snotgirl reblog tumblr meta promo leslie hung artists on tumblr September 13, 2018 4,390 notes Share this Share this Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google Zoom Info Zoom Info photo studies 2018 drawings cg bryan lee o’malley June 6, 2018 1,227 notes Share this
,網路行銷 know-how & tips,更不時發佈精采的全球網路創意案例等你挖寶,一起用網路
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full on monet
#all ive been doing is sending mer WHEEE but its so good its SO GOOD # art # r # penny # i forgot i had a panini tag
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See the wonder and magic of Cinderella spring to life in this modern take on a classic storybook.
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