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Hargreaves Lansdown (HL) is a leading “investment supermarket” for private investors. Trusted with £82 billion worth of investments by more than 980,000 clients, HL is well known in the UK. With HL, you can start a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) to begin
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Pension Options and Pension Pot Calculator
Pension pot calculator Our calculator will help you understand how the options could impact your retirement income. You can use it to understand what your pension pots can provide. It will also show you the buying power of your money by taking into account
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Pension Allowance Calculator
This calculator works out how much pension annual allowance your client has available for a tax year (including any unused allowance carried forward from earlier years). This will help you work out how much can be paid into your client’s pension without triggering an
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Annual Allowance Calculator
Key features of our Annual Allowance calculator Three aspects of Annual Allowance Enter your client’s existing and expected pension input amounts and this tool will show: the amount of unused Annual Allowance, including any carry forward if your client will be
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Income Tax and Tax Relief Calculator
 · *Your Income Tax and National Insurance deductions may not be affected by what you contribute to your pension, this depends on when your pension contributions are deducted from your salary. **These figures may not equal your gross annual salary, as it depends on when your pension contributions are taken (i.e. – before or after Income Tax) and if tax relief has to be claimed back from …
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Working out what we need from retirement isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of useful tools – helping you get a clearer idea of your ideal retirement and how to achieve it. Pension withdrawal tax calculator Thinking about taking some of your
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Pension Lump Sum Tax Calculator
The Aviva Pension Withdrawal Tax Calculator is the most comprehensive of the 5 we tested, as it lets you choose how to take your tax-free cash on lump sum withdrawals from your pension pot. You can opt to take all of your tax-free cash first, take 25% of each withdrawal as tax-free cash or specify the amount of tax-free cash you would like to take.
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The monthly pension computation is based on this formulas and whichever the higher value may be, that will be the amount of your monthly pension. A) 300 + (20% x AMSC*) + (2% x AMSC) x (CYS** – 10) B) 40% x AMSC; C) The minimum pension of P1,200, if with at least 10 CYS; or P2,400, if with at least 20 CYS, whichever is applicable.
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 · PDF 檔案HL Bill 4–EN 58/1 PENSION SCHEMES BILL [HL] EXPLANATORY NOTES What these notes do These Explanatory Notes relate to the Pension Schemes Bill [HL] as introduced in the House of Lords on 7 January 2020 (HL Bill 4). • These Explanatory Notes
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Pension Schemes Bill [HL]

 · PDF 檔案HL Bill 4 58/1 Pension Schemes Bill [HL] EXPLANATORY NOTES Explanatory notes to the Bill, prepared by the Department for Work and Pensions, have been ordered to be published as HL Bill 4–EN EUROPEAN CONVENTION ON HUMAN RIGHTS Baroness
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Annual Allowance Calculator
Add to favourites Bookmarking this calculator allows you to access it even when not connected to the internet, and helps you easily find it in the future Important information Warning: The data being used for these calculations is excessively old and may be inaccurate.
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 · PDF 檔案These Explanatory Notes relate to the Pension Schemes Bill [HL] as introduced in the House of Lords on 15 October 2019 (HL Bill 5) 2 2 Clause 21: Certificate that actuarial valuation prepared in accordance with scheme rules 19 Clause 22: Benefits adjustments
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Take home pay calculator
 · Use our take home pay calculator to determine your after-tax income by entering your gross pay and additional details.
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Calculate and compare my charges
 · Our low charges help you keep more of the money you make. Use the calculator below to estimate your charges for each account, and see how we compare against the market leader. Please choose one of the accounts below and use the sliders or enter the value of shares and funds you hold. This calculator
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Earned Leave Encashment Calculator
 · Leave Encashment Calculation in India – Act, Formula, Tax Exemption and Calculator Leave encashment is one of the huge retirement benefits for the employees working in the Government and Private sector. While retirement, a lump sum amount will get on
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Pension Tools
Income sustainability calculator Retirement Income shortfall tool Salary Exchange calculator Retirement Analysis Platform Salary, dividend & pension tool (xls 234kb) Carry Forward calculator 2020/2021 (xls 332kb) Available Lifetime Allowance Tool
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